1. What will be the average deal size?

We want to focus on $50k check sizes at the earliest stage. We want to make sure we can invest in ~40 companies with this size fund. We might focus on a few later-stage investments to build our brand and relationships.

2. What’s the carry & management fees?

Standard 20% carry. We are only doing 1% management fee and we are also reinvesting 50% of it back into the fund. We use Angel Venture Funds for fund management, reporting, and legal.

3. What’s a rolling fund?

Here’s a full FAQ:


4. Do people really want to work remotely?

They are actually demanding it...


Source: https://usefyi.com/remote-work-report/?ref=producthunt

5. What will you invest in?

We are focused on two areas:

  1. Software that allows more people to work remotely. Ex. Infrastructure for global payroll and teams, collaboration software, and other platforms to enable the world to feel smaller. The thesis being that all big companies are essentially remote companies. The best products of tomorrow will start and scale with remote workers and then make their way into the enterprise.

  2. Marketplaces and platforms that enable more people to make a living remote. Ex. Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and even Uber.

We are not investing in companies solely because they have a “remote” team. We believe almost all companies will evolve to be “remote-ish” companies so this is too broad for us.